“ It amazes me when I hear some of the stories people have to tell.  I use photography, rather than words, to pass on the stories I have heard.  People’s ethnic heritage has always fascinated me, and my photography reflects my interest in the multi-cultural world.  I see in the photographs how valuable our different traditions are - in a Korean-American wedding ceremony or a Jewish bar or bat mitzvah. 
There is a story behind each photograph.  I would like to help you to read that story without intruding.  I try to reveal the unique character of each person I photograph.”

“Because of your hard work and your mastery of the photojournalistic approach, the pictures came out much better than we could have ever imagined.  The result of your work is astounding.  The photos were so vibrant and captured some of the best natural poses I have ever seen – a ‘better-than-real’ appearance!” 

“We really needed a photographer that was creative, artistic and professional, and Adrian exceeded our expectations.  Adrian puts his heart and soul into every photograph and his passion really shines through!  We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented photographer” 

“If your love is worth it and it’s the one day you can’t afford a do-over, you need to hire Adrian Nastase.  When the cake and flowers are gone – and the music has stopped – what are you left with from your wedding?  Oh yes, your photo album.    From the beginning to the end – when you don’t want your perfect love lost in translation, have the perfect storyteller, Adrian Nastase.” 

“What isn’t there to say about Adrian Nastase?  His work is flawless, creative, unique and artistic.  He made us feel very comfortable as he was taking pictures.  We have the most beautiful and breath-taking photo albums.  He has great ideas and is always there when you don’t expect, ready to flash and catch every moment.”



Armand Lucas 
Consultant at HomeRestored 
Of all the photographic work I've seen, Adrian seems to always put his client in the most natural settings and seems to know when the camera is ready to take that perfect shot. Truthfully, I've never seen anyone take a shot with available lighting and situations as well as this master of the lens. July 5, 2012, Armand was with another company when working with adrian at adrian nastase photography inc. 

Leslie Wolowitz,PhD 
Psychotherapist at Psychologist in Private Practice 
A colleague recommended Adrian to me for a 'head shot' for a web site. Adrian went out of his way to get a good photograph. He is a highly creative and skilled photographer. if you are looking for a photographer for any reason - and care about quality, he is the best 'deal' in town! He is personable and very reasonable in terms of what he charges for such excellent work. He has my highest recommendation.less November 23, 2008, Leslie was adrian's client 

Shoshi Israeli 
Adrian is very creative high value photografer. 
November 2, 2008, Shoshi was adrian's client 

Judith Nemes 
Freelance journalist and editor 
Adrian brought a high level of skill and creativity to the work he did as a photographer for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah. He was very engaged in every step of the process and the results were terrific. I would highly recommend him for any event someone might be planning. October 20, 2008, Judith was adrian's client 

Yamil Ahuile 
Owner/Exec. Producer, ABSA Productions 
Adrian is a great individual to work with. His work speaks for itself. He is a very professional and dedicated artist. September 14, 2008, Yamil was with another company when working with adrian at adrian nastase photography inc. 

President - PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy 
Adrian was wonderful to work with. From offering insightful suggestions to coordinating his efforts throughout the event, Adrian is a true professional and it shows throughout his photographic results. We were very pleased with the outcome of his shoot and still show off his work to this day. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. September 2, 2008, MICHAEL was adrian's client 

Laszlo Revesz 
President at Image Factory 
Adrian is a true expert in photography, but more than that, he has a tremendous personality, excellent ideas, and he's totally reliable. Highly recommended! July 11, 2008, Laszlo was adrian's client 

Cera Stan 
Owner at Stan Mansion 
Adrian is an artist with an amazing energy and a real passion for his work . June 28, 2008, Cera was adrian's client 

Ovi Nicolescu 
Strategic Sourcing Manager at Aon 
June 25, 2008, Ovi was adrian's client 

Sarita Bhakuni 
Owner, Dr. Sarita Bhakuni 
I needed a head shot for a conference and found Adrian online. Without a personal recommendation I wasn't sure about the outcome but I could not have been more pleased with the photos! Adrian is a unique professional that is able to leverage his creative vision but execute quickly and efficiently. I appreciated his ability to put me at ease so we could focus on getting the work done. I plan to work with Adrian for all my present and future needs and highly recommend him to anyone in the market for his services.less June 24, 2008, Sarita was adrian's client 

Jim Prendergast” 
Owner, arclight securities llc” 
Adrian is a true artist and has a very good eye for making the most of a tough shot. We hired him to photograph a hotel from numerous perspectives and times and he did a superb job. Very dedicated was willing to find the right time and angle for numerous shots. Very passionate about his work adn committed to delivering results that you envision. I highly recommend him June 24, 2008, Jim was adrian's client” 

Radu Fega 
Financial Services Professional 
I want to say that Adrian is one of the best photographers that I ever met. He did an excellent job at my wedding and I think that is a very talented and meticulous photographer, he has what it needs for a good professional photographer. I would highly recommend him to anyone. June 24, 2008, Radu was adrian's client 

Kurt Lauer 
Owner, Kurt Lauer Photography, Inc. 
Choosing only 3 superlatives for Adi is impossible. He is the hardest working most professional and creative guy I have worked with. He approaches every assignment with a great attitude and has never once complained... even when I did. I can't say enough good things about him June 24, 2008, Kurt was adrian's client .


• Micky R. 
Skokie, IL 
Adi's photography artistry is one of a kind, his work of art comes to life , but what sets him apart from everyone else is the purity of the shot, his natural style sets him apart from many others. Thank you Adrian, your work is timeless! 

• Jessica P. 
Chicago, IL 
Absolutely wonderful! Our shots were crisp, beautiful and unique. Everyone commented that Adrian seemed to be everywhere at once, snapping a professional shot practically every time someone whipped out a camera. He was flexible, talented and very nice. And we have TONS of great digital shots now to do with as we please! We'd recommend him to anyone. 

• Cera S. 
Chicago, IL 
3/1/2011 6 photos 
I have 2 beautiful kids and always hated the whole kid photo process until I took my daughter to Adrian 's studio. He is truly an artist .He makes it fun for the kids and less stressful for the parent. He knows how to get the kids to smile and he's grate at doing it ! I was definitely thrilled with the photo shoot. We had lots of fun .Then came the proofs. Amazing, it was so difficult to choose. Adrian - exceeded all expectations .I knew Adrian was a great photographer after seeing by brother wedding pictures .I did not know haw fantastic he is with kids ...We all love him ! I know believe he is one of the best photographers in town - I recommend him highly! 

• Andrea L. 
Highland Park, IL 
Adrian photographed our son's Bar Mitvah, and did a wonderful job. He has a lovely, gentle manner and seemed to catch every special moment, while never making himself or his needs the center of attention. Both the candids and the formal shots were beautiful. He was a pleasure to work with .


Captured Every Moment Beautifully! 
• Wedding Date: 08/01/10 
• Review Date: 08/13/10 
Adrian is the epitome of professionalism, friendliness, flexibility, attention to detail and just a complete pleasure to work with. From the first time we met regarding the photography for my wedding, Adrian was ready with a plan, questions (things that I hadn't even thought of!) and a willingness to accommodate all the things I wanted into one package. The day of the wedding, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Adrian showed up early, was immediately friends with my entire family, and captured every moment. He was also great with last minute changes and adjustments to the schedule, and extra pictures I wanted. During the wedding, Adrian was there for every single step. Every moment was captured, every smile, every tear, every laugh and giggle. Promptly thereafter, we received all the photos and I am just amazed at the quality of the pictures, and how everything I loved about the wedding shone through. There is feeling and emotion in Adrian's photography, and that is what sets him apart. My husband and I will continue to use Adrian for those special and important events in our life, and we will most certainly recommend him to everyone we know. Thank you Adrian!!!! 

Stan Mansion Wedding, Amazing Photographer! 
• Wedding Date: 07/17/10 
• Review Date: 07/23/10 
Adrian is an Amazing guy all round! Everyone loved him and had so many nice things to say about him. It was such a pleasure to work with him because he truly cares about what he does and what we wanted. He is very professional and has a great eye for taking pictures. His pictures were so great, and I mean all of them. I didnt think it was possible to take that many great pictures! His passion for his work is what makes him such a great person. We have already referred him to many friends and family looking for a photographer. I look forward to seeing him in the future. Tony Mathews 

Leah B. 
Best Chicago Photographer by Far!!! 
• Wedding Date: 10/17/08 
• Review Date: 02/24/10 
Adrian captured all the special moments of our day and we absolutely loved working with him. His work is captive, flawless and artistic and we have no doubt that we made the right choice in choosing Adrian as our wedding photographer. I would recommend Adrian to anyone looking for a friendly, reliable, talented and creative photographer who seems to have just the right eye to catch the moments you will cherish forever! 

Adrian is The Best! 
• Wedding Date: 09/19/09 
• Review Date: 10/21/09 
Adrian Nastase Photography is a real class-act. He was on-time, well-dressed, charismatic, tons of fun, and great with the children. We got high-resolution digital files of ALL of our photos, which is nearly unheard of. Plus, they are magnificent. So far we've narrowed it to 300 must-have prints. We have only wonderful things to say about Adrian and his associate, who was also professional, courteous and well-dressed. I feel like he understood our modern sensibilities and had us take some unexpected artistic shots in an industrial alley by our venue. They completely his idea and they are my favorites. I will love them forever because they are very "Mark and Mary," and the wedding day was so hectic, it's nice to know he was looking out for us like that. Since the wedding, Adrian has been attentive, courteous, and a consummate professional. You will be hard pressed to find a more creative, likable, qualified photographer for your event. 

they say you get a birth certificate when you're born and a death certificate when you die. So what's the proof that you're living??? PHOTOGRAPHS 
• Wedding Date: 05/20/07 
• Review Date: 01/13/09 
If there was ever a day in our lives we felt most alive, it was undoubtedly our wedding day. And what better photographer to capture the moment than Adrian Nastase. From our first visit to his studio we felt a connection with him, not just as clients but close friends. All other photographers seemed to fall short of our expectations but once we found Adi, it was crystal clear. He sets the bar high. We are extremely happy with our photographs and wouldn't change a thing. He is creative and has an eye for unique moments. He is NOT the usual "sit here, do this" photographer but he will capture each moment as it unfolds, without interrupting it. We absolutely loved working with him and can't wait for our next photo shoot. From this point on we feel confident to let him photograph our special events, whether it's our anniversaries or additions to the family (whenever that time may come ^_^ ). We would recommend him to anyone, for any event. 

Amazing photos that captured our special day! 
• Wedding Date: 09/16/06 
• Review Date: 10/27/08 
My husband and I had a great experience working with Adrian Nastase Photography! From the moment we contacted him, he extended his excellent service and has been such an important part in capturing the special moments throughout our day. We really wanted a photographer that was creative, artistic and professional, and Adrian really exceeded our expectations!! We have amazing photos and we could not be more satisfied with how everything turned out! Adrian really does put his heart and soul into every photograph he takes and his passion really shines through! He was amazing to work with and was so accommodating and flexible. His artistic abilities speak for itself and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented photographer! 

Accessorize your wedding with the perfect accessory – your photographer – Adrian Nastase 
• Wedding Date: 05/05/07 
• Review Date: 10/25/08 
If your love is worth it and it's the one day you can't afford a do over, you need to hire Adrian Nastase because he will without a doubt surpass your expectations. I was always amazed of how much time and money people spend on choosing the perfect cake, the perfect attire, the perfect place to marry, the perfect flowers for their perfect day, yet they will trust an unprofessional photographer to capture it all. At the end of the day when the music stops, the cake is gone, the flowers have wilted and your attire is boxed up what are you left with? Oh yes, your photo album. Looking through it now, searching for all those perfect moments you hoped your photographer captured and realizing as they're missing that they'll remain just a distant memory of your perfect day, don't you wish you would have hired the best? Well all I can tell you is that the photography for your wedding is one detail you can not afford to overlook. So unveil your love and let a master capture it in hundreds of timeless moments... That's what my husband and I did and it was worth every penny. We had a perfect wedding and we now have our photos to prove it. The happiness, the stolen moments, the tears, the love that was in the air it's all there recreated in print, thanks to Adrian and Bogdan his brother who's impeccable service and professionalism exceeded our expectations. "From the beginning to end" when you don't want your perfect love lost in translation, hire the perfect storyteller - Adrian Nastase, your photographer, and let him highlight your day. We're trilled we did and so is everyone else that worked with Adrian! 

More than excellent- Magnificent!!! 
• Wedding Date: 10/15/05 
• Review Date: 10/04/08 
For our Fall wedding in 2005, we sought a photographer who was skilled in the photojouralistic approach to photography- someone that would not bore us with cliched postures and over exposed poses, but would use their artistic powers to capture the images and experiences of our wedding that would help us to relish the moments of the most important day of our lives. We were not disappointed. In fact, we could not have known that, through Adrian, we had entrusted our wedding photos to one of the most creative and talented young photographers in the Chicago metropolitan area. His interactions with us before the event would be a prelude to the quality of the end product. He met with the wedding party prior to the wedding, to coordinate his activities with us and to learn a little about us. He listened to us attentively. For our morning wedding, Adrian arrived early, and from the time of his arrival until the end of the day, he became both omnipresent and invisible, subtly capturing scenes from all aspects of the wedding. From preparation, ceremony to reception, he was very effective at being present at every memorable moment, yet was completely unobtrusive. Neither we nor anyone else present at the celebration could believe how hard this man was working. Adrian made sure to go to great lengths to capture the perfect photo, even going so far as receiving a parking citation from one of Chicago's Finest for double parking to capture a great shot. During the reception, he literally "danced" the camera with us to capture the dance floor activities of the celebration. After the ceremony, relatives and friends would consistently say three things to us consistently- the wedding was really nice; the food was really good; and that photographer worked his butt off To say that the photos were excellent does not do them justice. They were more than that- they were beautiful; they were fascinating; Perhaps most, they captured the moments of our wedding in a way that only Adrian's creative mind's eye ever could. As we shared the photos with others, at least two other attendees immediately contacted Adrian and subsequently contracted with him to cover their wedding. Adrian's talents in photography were more than we could have ever expected, and were truly a blessing on our wedding. 

Beautiful Wedding 
• Wedding Date: 05/06/07 
• Review Date: 10/01/08 
adrian nastase photography is a wonderful business that puts the client first. Not only is the photography amazing and professional, but the photographers are fun, creative, and very flexible. Actually, we have become great friends with the people working there. Also, the photographers keep their promise to deliver high-quality and professional work in a timely manner. Adrian nastase photography has made our celebration fun, memorable, and unique. 

Authentic pictures by a fabulous photogrepher 
• Wedding Date: 05/05/07 
• Review Date: 09/29/08 
Adrian is an amazing photographer. His professionalism and work ethic is something to marvel at! I was first introduced to his line of work through a friend who insisted I use either himself or brother. I emailed him through his website and within 24 hours received an email with his availability and a price quote. My fiancé and I went to his office (which by the way is AMAZING) in the south loop, and fell in love with not only Adrian himself but also his remarkable work. He showed us different work he had done ranging from weddings to birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, engagements, restaurants, etc. His pictures were everything we wanted and looked for in our wedding. His style of photography is authentic. He captured moments that were real, not just those we “posed” for. One of my favorite pictures from the hundreds we loved portrays husband and myself with a similar expression on our faces. It was hilarious because for some reason we were both frowning. In addition, Adrian was nice enough to make several accommodations for us including the time change, meeting place, and location of photo shoot. Not only is his work great, but his partners in photography such as Calin and Antonella were remarkable too! When Adrian had to leave for another wedding, Calin took over as well as Antonella to finish the wedding for us. We chose the 12-hour package and was worth every dime. The album we chose has no words to describe!! The cover alone is a conversation starter. Made of silk and stretched to fit the entire page, our beautiful wedding is displayed on the cover page of our album on our coffee table for all to see. Adrian is a great person, and now a friend. I would recommend him over anyone I know. 

Adrian Nastase Photography 
• Wedding Date: 08/20/06 
• Review Date: 09/26/08 
What ISN'T there to say about THE ADRIAN NASTASE!!! Well, I would like to say that we absolutely LOVED working with Adrian Nastase. It was a pleasure. He is a professional photographer. He work is flawless, creative, unique, and artistic, to say the least. He made us feel very comfortable as we were taking pictures. We have the most beautiful and breath-taking photo albums. His work is truly amazing and if you visit his website, you'll get a slight taste of what he does. He kept in touch with us while we were working with him, finished our albums in a timely manner, and was prompt to accommodate our very busy schedules. He has great ideas, and is always there when you don't expect it, ready to flash and catch every moment, not missing a beat of your special day. We wouldn't change one thing about our experience with him and have referred him to our friends and family. My brother, sister, and cousins have worked with Adrian as well and they have all fell in love with his work. Everyone who has seen our photo albums and pictures have expressed how incredibly amazing and gorgeous they look. People say that our pictures should be posted in a magazine. We thank him for his hard work and dedication, and for doing his best to make our most special day as memorable as could be. Please visit www.adrainnastase.com and click "crina lui minu", to view some of our wedding pictures that are posted up on his personal website. I'm sure you'll love them too!!!! .